Home Warranty

Home Warranties provide protection for high repair costs when a system or appliance break down in your home. Our goal is to offer affordable coverage that will help you get things repaired or replaced as quick and easy as possible. Take a look at the plans available and sign up today! The choice is yours – you can either pay large lump sums at unexpected times in the future to repair or replace, or sign up for one of our inexpensive monthly plans and let us take care of the surprises.

Benefits of Home Warranty Companies

“What’s a ‘home warranty’ and why should I get one?”

Many first-time homebuyers ask themselves this question, and too many of them believe that their homeowner’s insurance is good enough. The truth of the matter is that homeowner’s insurance isn’t adequate protection against many unexpected expenses that come along with owning a house. Insurance does not cover most of the costly household problems that can (and likely will) arise.

A home warranty covers principal equipment in the house, such as the HVAC system and the water heater. A standard homeowner warranty will also include most major appliances that are found in the kitchen and the laundry room. In addition to mechanical and appliance coverage, you can purchase a warranty to cover your roof, electrical installations, gas fireplaces, hot tub, pool, septic system, and well pump—just to name a few.

If you’ve just bought brand new appliances and think they’re unlikely to break for a long time (or if they’re already covered by a manufacturer warranty), then you probably won’t want to spend any more money to cover them. However, as the things in your house age, or when you buy used appliances, it’s wise to take precautions before they eventually stop working.

Best of all, home warranty packages are easily customizable. You can get basic coverage, which is often still quite comprehensive, or choose additional items that you want to cover. With a home warranty, you can save yourself time, too, not just money: repairmen are pre-screened, so you don’t have to spend a long while searching for someone who can do the job right. Oftentimes, servicemen are dispatched immediately, and the quality of their work is guaranteed. Out-of-pocket service fees are small compared to the cost of the actual labor and parts.

You can find home warranties to fit any need you may have, including warranties for a duplex or other multi-family unit. Whatever you intend to do with a residential property, you can find a home warranty to handle the demands of your situation. For instance, if you’re buying a property to rent out, you can find a home warranty to protect you from the complications and expenses of repairs. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your future tenant’s insurance will cover everything. As the landlord, you will be expected to provide much of the equipment your tenant will use, and you will be responsible for all repairs to the house and its appliances unless the tenant expressly caused the damage. Normal wear and tear and the aging of appliances and major home systems are the most common situations you’ll need to address. Without proper coverage, you could empty your pocketbook and still not have enough to meet the home maintenance needs of the rental property you oversee, which could lead to the loss of your tenant.

The benefits of getting a homeowner’s warranty for your property, combined with the convenience of only needing to speak to your representative from the warranty company, make the purchase the best possible choice. You can’t rely entirely on homeowner’s insurance—not when life can bring many more surprise expenses than natural disasters or theft cause. A homeowner’s warranty is best designed to meet your day-to-day needs.